Operational excellence is crucial for businesses to stand out against the competition. Our Operations Team is dedicated to supporting our portfolio companies in transforming their processes, and help strengthen and align leadership, optimise management practices and build capabilities in order to drive lasting impact.

Our analytical and pragmatic manner combined with a results-oriented approach and entrepreneurial thinking help us to lead teams through critical change processes with sensitivity and speed. We help organisations unlock their full potential through holistic, sustainable, large-scale transformation and drive performance at every level.

Our success is underpinned by our people, thoughtful problem solving, industry expertise and our toolkit for change. This is an ideal working environment for Generalists with broad operational experience and Experts in functional areas such as procurement, operations (production/logistics), sales/marketing, IT, finance and ESG.

We offer a highly dynamic setting with the potential to support value creation plans from analysis stages through to final implementation. This is an opportunity to be truly engaged in driving change as well as increasing the competitiveness, profitability and sustainable value of companies as part of a no-blame, no-politics culture.

Career Development

At AURELIUS, you’ll start making an impact from day one.

Our teams are small and aligned, while the learning curve is steep. The experience is unparalleled as we work as a team. Join us as a Generalist or an Expert – at every level and on each path, it is all about earning success.


Personal Impact

Crafting innovative solutions to problems is about communicating your own ideas to engage others and influence change. It’s the input of individuals at AURELIUS that inspires positive impact for team members as well as AURELIUS.


Team players with strong interpersonal skills are part of AURELIUS’ success story. Let’s explore how we can make a bigger impact together.

Entrepreneurial Drive

Take ownership for your assignments, be innovative and open to new approaches and continuously strive for improvement with a sound appetite for risk and resilience.

Problem Solving

Each day brings new challenges. This is why intellectual ability, a creative and results-oriented mindset and practicality are key.


Have confidence in your decisions. Accept that mistakes can happen and adjust when required. Have the courage to take a decision without a guarantee of success. Without taking risks, there is no positive change.

Mind Diversity

Our work benefits from a variety of different perspectives drawn from those with varied backgrounds and life experiences. This diversity is critical to our success, and so we look for curious people with fresh ideas and unconventional views.


At AURELIUS we strive to make things better. It means we’re constantly challenging the status quo as we seek tomorrow’s solutions today. Gridlock? Not an option for us. Change? Is an opportunity and an important driver of innovation!


Success is measured by outcomes. At AURELIUS, a handwritten sheet with refined content is more relevant than extensive PowerPoint slides without substance.


“Get things Done” – accomplish, achieve, succeed! At AURELIUS the analysis is not the end of the assignment, but the beginning of an exciting journey.

Unique Projects

Exciting and challenging projects suited to your capabilities and skills enable you to continuously learn and personally grow – we foster your strengths and want to watch you succeed!


Successful employees at AURELIUS observe complex topics from a holistic perspective, have a thorough understanding of key value drivers, and can make carefully considered decisions.

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Who can apply to work within the Operations team?

We are looking for candidates with a passion for change, strong entrepreneurial spirit and a pragmatic hands-on mentality. These traits should be complemented with excellent analytical and communication skills as well as strong team spirit.

The ideal candidate preferably has a background in consulting in addition to broad industry experience. Expertise in operational implementation as well as a proven track record in leading teams and complex projects is necessary.

What is the difference between the Generalists and the Functional Experts?

Our Generalists have a broad background in various industries and wide-ranging functional expertise. They are typically sector agnostic and work on projects across multiple business units. At the (Senior) Manager/Director level, projects typically average 9-12 months within a portfolio company. Our (Senior) Managing Directors bear the overall responsibility for the transformation of a portfolio company and manage these during the entire process, typically over 3-4 years.

Our Functional Experts are specialists in certain business areas such as procurement, operations (production/logistics), sales & marketing, IT and finance and part of a practice in our operational Taskforce.

They are often involved pre-deal during the due diligence phase and subsequently support the Generalists post-acquisition with process optimisation and implementation within their specific functional area. The project length usually ranges around 3-4 months per portfolio company.

Do you focus on a certain industry and/or sector in the Operations team?

No, you will be working across various industries and sectors and therefore we are preferably looking for candidates with experience in at least 2-3 different areas.

Is the Operations team involved pre-deal?

Our Senior Management and the Functional experts are involved pre-deal during the due diligence phase and analyse businesses and develop transformation plans for potential new targets from an operational point of view. Our (Senior) Manager/Director Strategy & Transformation are only working on post-deal projects.

How much travelling is related to this role / is relocation required?

You are not required to relocate, but your presence on site in the portfolio company for 4 days per week is a prerequisite. For this reason, our operational roles require substantial travelling on a weekly basis. When not travelling, you typically work remotely (i.e. in home office), and being in the office on Fridays is not mandatory and thus you can maintain your place of residence.

What is the rationale behind the staffing?

We staff our projects based on skills and industry expertise as well as the need for specific operational support in our portfolio companies. In general, we staff our projects internationally, cross-border and cross-industry.

How do you support team building with a task force spread across multiple locations?

You will be working very closely with your AURELIUS team on site. We organise office days/lunches on a regular basis, and twice a year we invite you to our large international 3-day Operations Manager Meeting (OMM) at a location in Europe, which gives you the opportunity to meet your operational colleagues. In addition, we welcome you to join our annual AURELIUS events such as the summer/holiday party in Munich as well as our skiing-weekend in the Austrian alps.