As a member of the Investment Advisory team, your task will be to actively support the team with a high degree of personal responsibility in the acquisition and selling of AURELIUS companies in all phases of the M&A process. You will have the opportunity to gain insights in a variety of corporate situations and both local as well international transactions; ranging from deal sourcing, commercial & financial due diligence activities, market assessments, company performance and potential evaluations (balance sheets, profit & loss, cash flow, etc.) as well as business model reviews followed by deal negotiations and the actual execution of the transaction. In addition, you will participate in negotiating and designing the financing strategy as well as in its implementation.

Career Development

At AURELIUS you'll start making an impact from day one.

Our teams are small and aligned, while the learning curve is steep. The experience is unparalleled as we work as a team. Join us as an Analyst, Associate or Manager – at every level, it is all about earning success.


Personal Impact

Crafting innovative solutions to problems is about communicating your own ideas to engage others and influence change. It’s the input of individuals at AURELIUS that inspires positive impact for team members as well as AURELIUS.


Team players with strong interpersonal skills are part of AURELIUS’ success story. Let’s explore how we can make a bigger impact together.

Entrepreneurial Drive

Take ownership for your assignments, be innovative and open to new approaches and continuously strive for improvement with a sound appetite for risk and resilience.

Problem Solving

Each day brings new challenges. This is why intellectual ability, a creative and results-oriented mindset and practicality are key.


Have confidence in your decisions. Accept that mistakes can happen and adjust when required. Have the courage to take a decision without a guarantee of success. Without taking risks, there is no positive change.

Mind Diversity

Our work benefits from a variety of different perspectives drawn from those with varied backgrounds and life experiences. This diversity is critical to our success, and so we look for curious people with fresh ideas and unconventional views.


At AURELIUS we strive to make things better. It means we’re constantly challenging the status quo as we seek tomorrow’s solutions today. Gridlock? Not an option for us. Change? Is an opportunity and an important driver of innovation!


Success is measured by outcomes. At AURELIUS, a handwritten sheet with refined content is more relevant than extensive PowerPoint slides without substance.


“Get things Done” – accomplish, achieve, succeed! At AURELIUS the analysis is not the end of the assignment, but the beginning of an exciting journey.

Unique Projects

Exciting and challenging projects suited to your capabilities and skills enable you to continuously learn and personally grow – we foster your strengths and want to watch you succeed!


Successful employees at AURELIUS observe complex topics from a holistic perspective, have a thorough understanding of key value drivers, and can make carefully considered decisions.

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Who can apply for the Investment Advisory team?

We are looking for candidates with an excellent academic background, experience in private equity or M&A/investment banking, transaction services or strategy consulting paired with strong analytical and communication skills as well as an entrepreneurial mindset.

Do you focus on a certain sector in the Investment Advisory team?

No, you will be working on deals across different industries and sectors and therefore we are preferably looking for candidates with experience in various different industries.

Is the Investment Advisory team involved post-deal?

After the acquisition of a new portfolio company, the Investment Advisory team ensures an efficient smooth hand-over to the Operations team, which then takes over the transformation/growth of the portfolio company. From this point the Investment Advisory team is not actively involved in the day-to-day operations, but acts as a first point of contact for the Operations team regarding all matters related to the transaction and the business case.

May I choose the office location?

We are generally recruiting for a team in a specific office and therefore for a certain location. Therefore we kindly ask you to apply directly for open roles at your preferred office location only.

Do you have a carry model in place?

At the Analyst/Associate and Manager level we do not offer classical carry but do offer a deal-by-deal bonus, i.e. you profit from your own success per completed transaction. From Principal level and above we offer carry in addition to the annual- and deal-by-deal bonus.