I am a Senior Manager of Strategy & Transformation at AURELIUS. Before joining in 2021, I worked in consulting at Deloitte and UNITY. Prior to this, I pursued my studies in mechanical engineering, earning an MSc in Mechanical Engineering from RWTH Aachen University and a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from the Lebanese American University.

As Senior Manager Strategy & Transformation I support our portfolio companies on different matters, starting with setting the company strategy and then devising the necessary measures to achieve that.

Projects vary in topics from business planning, finance, sales and marketing to operations. One key aspect is also enabling the people in the organisation and making sure that we have the right people in place.

What is the #1 reason why you joined AURELIUS?

After my years in consulting, my next challenge should involve thinking strategically, making decisions, and most importantly being responsible for their execution and results.

Describe your job

My job consists of supporting our portfolio companies throughout their life cycle. The best part of it is that every day there is a new challenge – it never gets dull!

Best thing about AURELIUS

The variety of projects, with a focus on value creation through decision making and efficient execution. Not to mention the amazing team and expertise within it, which means I can learn a lot.

Personal statement

My job at AURELIUS allows me to travel a lot and experience different cultures, working environments and interesting people, while still being able to plan my time flexibly.

The wide range of portfolio companies in terms of size, focus, etc. gives everyone the opportunity to be involved in projects that suit them, where you always meet new and inspiring people.