By transforming companies and assets, we also develop people

Our entrepreneurial culture enables our people to grow and develop throughout their career. Within the AURELIUS ACADEMY, career development is not a one-size-fits-all approach but rather focus on individuals’ unique journeys. We share our knowledge across various business units such as Investment Advisory, Operations and Corporate Support Functions.


We support employees with a combination of external and internal training backed by holistic tools and knowledge-sharing to help improve their everyday work and enhance their careers.

We also provide deeper insight into the different services and offerings within AURELIUS to foster collaboration between the segments and functions.

Team-building activities and internal challenges also form part of your development process.

Regular reviews

Throughout the year we provide opportunities for regular check-ins. Performance evaluation, proposals, promotions, trainings, transfers – all these topics are highlighted within our Year-End-Process (YEP).

This process is aligned with various counterparts from the business, human resources and management.


In certain business units such as Operations we offer a mentoring program with the objective to help you grow your individual career.

A mentor helps you settle into AURELIUS, acting as a first point of contact, as well as a sounding board. The mentor can also connect you into the wider AURELIUS world.


We believe coaching serves as an important development tool.

Continuous development is key to success, so we invest in our employees to help them grow. We launched the AURELIUS ACADEMY in 2022, and it continues to expand and develop.

Anke Hartmann, Managing Director Human Resources