I am a Senior Manager Strategy & Transformation at AURELIUS and work from both the Amsterdam and London offices, a testament to the flexibility which AURELIUS offers. Prior to joining AURELIUS in 2022, I worked as a Manager and Consultant for Deloitte. I hold a BA in Accounting Science from the University of Witwatersrand.

No two days are the same at AURELIUS, but the end goal is clear – to make an impact at our portfolio companies, to maximise their potential, realise their value and help each organisation thrive. I get the opportunity to work alongside AURELIUS colleagues and our portfolio companies to understand the way that a business operates, identifying areas for enhancement before defining and advising with the implementation of plans for operational improvements and value creation.

What is the #1 reason why you joined AURELIUS?

I thrive in dynamic environments where I can drive change by both strategising and implementing the changes that I identify. AURELIUS provides the platform and autonomy I need to make this happen.

Describe your job

My work is high impact and broad in scope, providing a vibrant environment filled with learning opportunities and chances to work with remarkable individuals.

Best thing about AURELIUS

For me, the best thing about AURELIUS is our team and the amazing breadth of skills and competencies that they bring to the table, allowing me to learn and grow every day, while experiencing the improvements and the far-reaching impact they have

Personal statement

AURELIUS is an energetic company that brings like-minded and ambitious people together to achieve notable change. It has provided me with the opportunity to learn, participate in incredible offsites hosted in amazing locations, and to continuously develop professionally.

AURELIUS: The permanent impact company.