Join us and become a transformation specialist.

Whether you join our Operations Team as an early professional or an experienced manager, as a Generalist or an Expert – you will be at the heart of our business, making decisions that increase efficiency, reduce risk, and create value on a daily basis. We offer you the opportunity to work on a variety on interesting assignments, learn new things at a fast pace and take on increasing responsibility so that you can reach your full potential. Your innovative take on things will help us grow and you will further develop on a personal and professional level.


Following an acquisition, you will have near-immediate responsibility for the company transformation. Together with the management team, your main task is, to enhance and implement the strategy, the equity story and a comprehensive value-add concept in the company. The responsibilities vary per individual and will reflect background, seniority, know-how and ambition.

Task Force Expert

AURELIUS’ Task Force is a close-knit team of advisors with deep functional expertise in the areas of procurement, operations (production/logistics), sales/marketing, IT, finance and ESG. It advises and supports our portfolio companies in accelerating value creation along the life cycle: from pre-deal due diligence to building and launching 100 day- and transformation plans until exit.

Your career path

How you progress at AURELIUS and what level you reach is up to you and based on performance. We guide individuals as they strive to reach their goals.