I completed my internship at AURELIUS while studying for my Business Administration Bachelors at the Wiesbaden Business School. Since then, I have completed internships in the transaction division at DWS and in investment banking at Victoria Partners.

What is the #1 reason why you joined AURELIUS?

The main reason I joined AURELIUS was the entrepreneurial environment which offered exciting insights into the work of a globally active investor while also offering me the opportunity to develop my own sense for what makes an attractive investment.

Describe your job

As an intern, I worked with the AURELIUS Real Estate team and was involved in a range of exciting transaction projects from day one. The team involved me in deal processes, from due diligence over cash flow modelling to the drafting of sales and purchase agreements, meaning that I was able to follow the process as an insider.

Best thing about AURELIUS

Firstly, the entrepreneurial spirit that I have only experienced at AURELIUS and, secondly, the feeling of being part of adynamic team that rolls up its sleeves and takes on challenges together.

Personal statement

For me, AURELIUS offers the perfect balance of a
challenging job with a steep learning curve and, at the same time, a super collegiate team that is also fun outside of the office.

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