I am the founder and Managing Partner of Better Taste Holding GmbH which joined the AURELIUS portfolio in 2018.

As Managing Partner of Better Taste Holding, I am responsible for the operational business, but also for strategic development together with the AURELIUS team. This means I am close to our business area and constantly on the road at events, while also being involved in all other developments. This is exactly the right mix and is only possible with the support of a strong team around me.

What is the #1 reason why you joined AURELIUS?

Together with AURELIUS, I have been able to develop the company not only organically but also inorganically – something which would have not been possible on our own.

Describe your job

My everyday tasks vary quite a lot, starting from managing daily business, constantly communicating with the team, collaborating very closely with AURELIUS as an investor, through to implementing new business ideas.

Best thing about AURELIUS

In our partnership with AURELIUS, everyone respects and appreciates each other, even if we occasionally have different ideas. This is how we move the company forward.

Personal statement

I enjoy my work so much that I have never set limits here.

AURELIUS means full responsibility from day one.