I am a Senior Managing Director at AURELIUS and part of the Operations Team. Prior to joining AURELIUS in 2022, I held a number of executive positions in the steel industry, serving in management roles at both H.C. Starck Group and ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe. Before that, I worked as a consultant at McKinsey & Company. I hold a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the State University of New York at Buffalo.

In my role as a Senior Managing Director at AURELIUS, I oversee two portfolio companies in the Industrials & Chemicals sector, each with a global manufacturing footprint, and manage the interface between AURELIUS and their respective leadership teams.

What is the #1 reason why you joined AURELIUS?

Having had a very positive experience with the private equity industry in the past, I wanted to continue to work in a fast-paced but also hands-on environment with people that share the same mindset and similar ideas – things I truly found at AURELIUS.

Describe your job

At AURELIUS, we aim to transform operational performance of portfolio companies by providing close support. To achieve this in a truly global environment is especially rewarding as this is where the benefits of multi-cultural and diverse teams come to fruition.

Best thing about AURELIUS

Very simple: AURELIUS is made up of people that I like to work with independent of hierarchy, function, and professional background.

Personal statement

There are numerous (fun) events that are key to sustaining AURELIUS’ unique culture, especially in times of strong growth.

Find the mistake, find the solution: Each AURELIUS portfolio company comes along with unique challenges, and solving them brings personal growth.