Since 2019 I have been the CEO of BMC-Benelux and am passionate about the construction industry and the builders merchants business. Prior to this, I was CEO at the Grafton Group, an international building materials merchants group. Before that, I was a Commercial Director at Lecot-Raedschelders. I hold a BA in Marketing and Sales from the HOWEST Hogeschool West-Vlaanderen.

As CEO of BMC–Benelux, I spend most of my time improving the current organisation whilst growing the business through a mixture of organic growth initiatives and acquisitions.

What is the #1 reason why you joined AURELIUS?

Although I initially lacked experience with the private equity industry, I soon realised that the no-nonsense approach taken by AURELIUS fitted well with my own way of working and was an excellent professional fit.

Describe your job

As a CEO, my responsibility lies in defining the strategy, setting goals for the team, and making sure we achieve value for all our stakeholders. The really exciting part of the job is when you succeed in outperforming the sector and staying one step ahead of the competition, even more so when faced with difficult market conditions.

Best thing about AURELIUS

As an investor, AURELIUS works closely with the portfolio companies, to define and execute a strategy for success. Whether financial or close operational support, if the plan is right, you get what you need to transform the business.

Personal statement

Running a business in construction merchanting can often be very challenging. Nonetheless, thanks to a great team of colleagues, we managed to overcome these challenges successfully within the past years.

When I do have some time off, I love spending it with my family and friends, practicing sports or taking long hikes with my dog.

Hard work, often tough, but always fulfilling and fun.